Jonathan Bar-Or Ltd. provides design, engineering and production, using the most advanced equipment and exclusive cutting-edge materials.

This distinctive approach enables practical testing and decision-making based on maximum information input. Teamwork and cooperation yield unparalleled efficiency in achieving high quality results within budget and deadline.

JBDesign Capabilities:


  • Research and information gathering
  • Defining requirements, considerations and constraints
  • Concept development – integrating materials and production processes
  • Solving functional and ergonomic problems
  • Proof of feasibility – mockups and prototypes
  • Visual development – based on target audience and brand identity


  • Engineering design of product components and assemblies
  • Mechanical solutions to functional problems
  • Development of technological solutions, material selection and production processes
  • Analysis, trials and tests – material strength, flow, sealing, drop resilience, vibration, elasticity and adhesion
  • Documentation and compliance with standards
  • Product file – drawing file and route card


  • Prototypes and demonstrators with product-quality attributes
  • Transfer to production – locating vendors and manufacturers, transferring information and coordination
  • Supervision – checking first samples through to product approval
  • Materials acquisition – contact with vendors, locating suitable materials, issuing purchase orders
  • Tool manufacture – casting, stamping vacuum forming and injection molds
  • Part manufacture – CNC milling, casting, stamping, injection, laser cutting, stitching, welding
  • Manufacture of short run series for clinical trials, user trials and marketing campaigns
  • Quality control – based on customer requirements
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