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As part of product design and planning, we adapt a unique solution to different needs.
In some projects we develop innovative solutions that have not been known yet, and in other projects we are partners in the development of the client’s invention, as needed.
Registration of your patent as intellectual property allows it to be used as a business platform and as a basis for attracting investors.
We are pleased to share here a number of the company’s patents and patents that we are partners in (co-inventors).

US4961641-Slide projector with ergonomic slide selection and access

US5725489A-Splint structure

US5791052A-Tree girdler

US5833716A-Electrode structure and system

US6567706B2-Electrode for muscle stimulation

US7632239B2-Sensor device for gait enhancement

US8209022B2-Gait modulation system and method

US8972017B2-Gait modulation system and method

US9095417B2-Adjustable orthosis for electrical stimulation of a limb

US9433774B2-Headset for treatment and assessment of medical conditions

US20030036725A1-Reconstitution and injection system

US20070112394A1-Orthosis for a gait modulation system

US20100078339A1-Multiple candlestick assembly

US20110152968A1-Orthosis for a gait modulation system

US20140378812A1-Thoracic garment of positioning electromagnetic (em) transducers and methods of using such thoracic garment

USD454194S-Drug reconstitution and injection device

USD469865S-Multi-vial drug reconstitution and injection device

WO2019180721A1-Connector for releasably coupling two wheeled-carts

US11011145-Input device with a variable tensioned joystick with travel distance for operating a musical instrument, and a method of use thereof