פרויקט Description

JBD involvement:

A project initiated by JBDesign studio ‘Independent Parenthood’. Conceptual and functional development, performing market research, user ergonomics, specification of materials, manufacturing feasibility models and prototypes, engineering, detailed design and creating CAD files of all product components and assemblies, product file, transfer to production, displaying at exhibitions, and business development.

Additional information:

A product which enables a parent on a wheelchair to move freely and independently with a baby stroller at home and outside. The universal connector is intended for a wide variety of wheelchairs and strollers, and has a minimal and esthetic design in order to be incorporated into the structure of the wheelchair and the stroller. The connector enables fast & easy connection and disconnection, and does not interfere with the functionality and regular use of the product.

The project is part of the A3I program “the First Accelerator in Israel Focused on Innovative Solutions for People with Disabilities”, in collaboration with Beit Issie Shapiro and PresenTense.

We believe that this product will enable social inclusion and equality in such a basic right, being a parent.

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