WeBe Nest

WeBe Nest

פרויקט Description
  • Nest Kit for Premature Babies

  • Customer:

JBD involvement:

Product characterization and definition, ergonomic and functional design of the crib. Developed in cooperation with a paramedical team.

Material definition, location and procurement, manufacturing feasibility models and prototypes, detailed design and creating product CAD files, product files for the textile components, transfer to production.

Additional information:

The WeBe Kit was developed for premature babies who are forced to spend most of their time in an incubator and undergo intensive care. The Kit’s purpose is to stimulate and develop the senses and cognition of premature babies during the first months, as well as to create a warm bond between the parents and the premature baby.

The Kit includes the Nest, a scent-absorbing bracelet, a fabric booklet and a glove for sensory stimulation.

The “Nest” is an innovative product with a soft and upholstered surface, surrounded by two arms which can be adjusted and adapted to suit the medical caretaker’s needs with regards to changing the premature baby’s position.

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