פרויקט Description
  • Venous Circulation Enhancement Device

  • Customer:

  • Product approval:

    FDA approved

JBD involvement:

Profiling and defining product, functional ergonometric design and the strap, specifications of materials including biocompatible materials, locating and purchasing of materials, manufacture of feasibility models, prototypes, clinical trial production runs, detailed design and programming CAD files of all the components and the strap of the product, product file for textile components and transfer to manufacture and overseeing of production in China.

Additional information:

AviaFitTMis a compact strap-on device for the treatment of poor circulation in the lower limbs; it is aimed at home and hospital use.

The device, secured to the body with textile straps, produces mechanical pulses that enhance venous circulation in the legs, reducing the risk of diminished circulation and deep vein thrombosis. Combining injection molding of rigid plastic with flexible elastomer, AviaFitensures maximum effectiveness and comfort.

The device is FDA approved.