Hip-hope Wearable Belt

Hip-hope Wearable Belt

פרויקט Description

JBD involvement:

Characterizing and defining the product; esthetic, ergonomic and functional design of the belt, specifying materials and production technologies, transfer to manufacturing, detailed design and creating CAD files of all product components and sub-assemblies.

Additional information:

Hip-Hope Technologies has developed a wearable belt, intended primarily for the elderly and designed to prevent hip fractures as a result of falling.

Hip fractures are very common in the elderly, are a cause of great suffering and constitute a dramatic factor in the loss of independent functioning.

The belt is worn over the clothes and fits both men and women.

The belt contains a system of sensors which detect a fall as it occurs; the belt inflates two air bags which protect the hip joint during the impact and prevent the fracture.

Apart from the system of sensors which is based on groundbreaking technology, the belt incorporates an air blowing system which includes a tank of air, two inflatable air bags and a panic button which calls for help when necessary.

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